Wolves in a tracking game, developed to help you track and enjoy the UK’s wolf packs safely. The game is super simple: during live games we publish a map showing the wolves’ live position. Use it to see where the wolves are in relation to your location. Then, try and catch up with them and take their photograph.

Once you capture a picture or video you are happy with, submit it to the game gallery. We’ll review it, publish it and enter it into the competition. There are prizes in various categories.

Prior to the game, we recommend you familiarise yourselves with wolf field craft by reading our How to Track Wolves guide.

About the Map

This map is only available during live games. It displays the location of the wolf pack. This information is an hour old. In order to see the up to date pack location, you must click the <see latest position> button and agree to share your location. You will now see the pack‘s current location. Two of the pack members have tracking collars.

You can access the game map on computer or mobile phone. Use it to track the wolves’ current position and find them in the woods and on the hillsides of Great Britain. If you manage to find and photograph them, share the pictures on social media with the hashtag #wolveslive

Wolves works with Twitter & Facebook.

How to share on social media


All you have to do is tweet the image with the hashtag#wolveslive and we will import it into the game gallery.


Create a post with your image, tag it with #wolveslive and once you have posted it, share the image with our Facebook page – facebook.com/wolveslive

Uploading the Image Directly to the Gallery

If you don’t use social media, or would rather not share your picture there, you can use the form beneath the map to upload your image and tag it with your location, if you wish.

Image of gallery upload button

Playing Safely

Wolves can be played by people of any age as part of their regular exercise. You can track them during your daily run or walking the dog. You could even make it a family weekend adventure.

Remember, do not approach the wolves, they are wild animals and easily startled. Please also ensure you maintain social distancing and follow the latest government Covid-19 control measures at all times during your wolf adventure.

Happy tracking!