Wolves in a tracking game, developed to help you track and enjoy the Lakeland pack safely

The game website displays the location of the wolf pack on the map. This information is an hour old. In order to see the up to date pack location, you must click the <see latest position> button and agree to share your location. You will now see the pack‘s current location. Three of the pack members have tracking collars.

You can access the game map on computer or mobile phone. Use it to track the wolves current position and find them on the hillsides of southern Cumbria. If you manage to find and photograph them, share the pictures on social media with the hashtag #wolveslive

Wolves works with Twitter & Facebook.

How to share on social media


All you have to do is tweet the image with the hashtag#wolveslive and we will import it into the game gallery.


Create a post with your image, tag it with #wolveslive and once you have posted it, share the image with our Facebook page – facebook.com/wolveslive

Uploading the Image Directly to the Gallery

If you don’t use social media, or would rather not share your picture there, you can use the form beneath the map to upload your image and tag it with your location, if you wish.


To Plot the Image to the Map

If you have image location tagging enabled on your phone, we will plot your image to the game map.

Alternatively, you can use location tagging in your social media app. This can be a bit fiddly. See the instructions below.

Turning on geotagging on Android phones

  1. Open the Camera app on your Android smartphone or tablet
  2. Tap on three horizontal lines to open the menu
  3. Now, tap on the gear icon
  4. You will see the camera settings
  5. Tap on GPS tag (on some devices this option is named differently, for instance, geo tag, location tag, etc.) and turn it on/off.

Turning on geotagging on iphones

  1. Launch Settings from the Home screen of your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Tap Privacy. You’ll have to scroll down a bit to find it.
  3. Tap Location Services.
  4. Tap Camera.
  5. Tap While Using the App.

Tagging an image with location in the Twitter app

  1. In the Tweet compose screen, click the location icon at the bottom
  2. If you haven’t previously allowed the Twitter app to use your location, you will see a prompt asking you allow Twitter to access your device location.
  3. Click Turn Allow.
  4. A series of businesses will be displayed. Underneath will be a number of place names. Choose the one closest to you.
  5. At the bottom of the screen there is a toggle button enabling you to share precise location. Click this to on (you may need to scroll to the top of the location list see it)
  6. Click Tweet
  • You must select a business or place name for the precise location data to be shared.
  • You have to do this each time you tweet an image.

Tagging an image with location in the Facebook app

  1. Create a post with the image
  2. At the bottom of the screen are a series of icons click the check-in icon
  3. Either choose a place or business listed, or search for your current location and choose that
  4. Click share

Remember to turn off geotagging once you have finished playing