Do You Want To Be a Wolf For a Day?

Do you want to roam to fells of the Lakes for the day, hunting deer, outwitting players who are trying to track you down, and generally acting like a sneaky wolf? Well, we’ve got the job for you.

We are looking for keen fell runners to act the part of wolves on Saturday 7th September as part of the Lakes Alive Festival. We will supply a costume, performance training and sustenance. As a wolf, you will be moving through your pack territory without being seen by the players who will be tracking you.

What’s the concept?

Wolves is a game. Players track and photograph a real wolf pack roaming the fells around Kendal. Their objective: photograph each of the pack members and collect a full set of wolf cards (like top trumps!). Your wolfie objective: to visit each of the key locations within your territory such as your den, or the kill, without being seen by the players.

The players submit their photographs to the competition by sharing them on their social media channels with #wolveslive. These photographs get posted to the game gallery, where they are verified by the game umpires: a wolf specialist and an ecologist.

Wolves has been commissioned by the Lakes Alive Festival.

What do I need to do?

We want you to play the game as a wolf on Saturday 7th September. You will be with four other performers, trying to complete your mission, either collectively or alone. There are four games that day, each lasting 60 mins.

On Friday 6th, we will be running an incredible training and rehearsal day where we will provide training in wolf behaviour and how to interpret that in your performance. This includes a visit to the amazing Walking With Wolves where a close encounter with real wolves will inspire your performance.

You will be fitted with wolf masks and costumes. These are light and allow freedom of movement, as well as looking really dramatic.

The project team will support you during your performance, with plenty of hot drinks and delicious snacks.

Key Dates

Training day – 6th September 2019
Game day – 7th September 2019

How do I apply?

We are looking for keen fell runners, both male & female. You should be up for a little bit of performance, but we’re not expecting experience in this. If you are free on 6th September for training, and then on the 7th September for the game, fill in the form and we will get back to you promptly.

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